Successful recovery of 6000kg of ocean-bound waste

Ocean-bound plastic collection pilot completed

UpCircle conducted a cleanup collection of 6000 kg of ocean-bound plastics together with Greenworms, thanks to Allegra|Passugger and Swisscom.

The pilot financed the collection of around 2000 kg of beach litter and around 4000 kg of waste was collected from households in the Kerala region, as well as the separation in the local MRF (Material Recovery Facility) and further processing.

Why do we support beach clean-ups?

Cleaning up beaches is crucial for protecting the environment, promoting public health, supporting local economies, and reducing waste. By keeping beaches clean and litter-free, we can help preserve the health and beauty of our oceans and promote a sustainable future for all.

Why do we support household collections?

People living in coastal regions face significant challenges in accessing proper waste management facilities, with approximately two billion individuals lacking such facilities. This often leads to the practice of openly burning, dumping, or piling waste onto poorly managed landfills, which can have adverse effects on the environment and human health. Supporting the collection effort prevents waste from reaching the environment and enables further treatment.

In the following some impressions from the beach collection and the UpCircle provided video from the MRF operation:

At UpCircle, we are committed to provide technology solutions that will enable the transition towards a circular economy. We thank our Partners Allegra | Passugger and Swisscom to join us on this endeavour.

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