Digitizing Waste for a Circular Economy

UpCircle's AI-based solutions help waste recyclers outsmart the competition. We add value to your waste.

Know your waste. Increase your process efficiency.

Plant Infeed Monitoring

With UpCircle you get actionable insights regarding what is fed into your plant to increase the process efficiency.

Full Transparency on Delivered Material

Never again overpay for your material. With UpCircle, you get full transpacrency about the material delivered to you facility.


We analyze waste bales by utilizing the latest computer vision technology developed at ETH Zurich.

Recognizing and quantifying waste bales is our engineer’s daily bread and butter. Our robust tech allows for monitoring of recycling activities in waste management facilities. Developed at ETH, we are proud to combine custom-built AI methods with state-of-the-art sensing technology.

Waste Bale Identification
We detect and record the data of every waste bale that passes through
Digital Shift Reports
You get live and historical data on your plant's performance.
Supplier Vetting and Reclamations
Pay only for what you get. We monitor every bale that goes through your plant and provide you with digital proof for speeding the reclamation process.
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The UpCircle Difference

UpCircle’s digital platform enables easy tracking of plastic waste. We start with the cleanup and keep track of items during processing. This means that every piece of plastic collected for you is verified with our technology.
Plastic Analytics

Our recycling partners plastic flows are monitored with our AI tools that helps them process the plastic more efficiently and maintain quality standards

Plastic Sorting

Our plastic sorting robot can detect varius kinds of plastics and sort them automatically and therefore increases processing capacity.

Data Immutability

Our technological process in the sorting facilities ensures that every piece of plastic gets tracked for credible plastic compensation.

Out of 400 million tons annually produced plastic, only


of plastic waste gets recycled globally


ends in the environment or non-sustainable processing

In collaboration with our partners, we collect and process plastic waste from the environment

We keep an eye on every piece of plastic.

We enable sustainable processing of the waste - achieving true circularity.

Out of 400 million tons annually produce plastic, only 14% of plastic gets recycled globally

86% ends in the environment or non-sustainable processing

In collaboration with our partners, we collect and process plastic waste from the environment

We keep an eye on every piece of plastic.

We enable sustainable processing of the waste - achieving true circularity.

Gain Insights with our Intuitive Dashboard

We analyze every waste bale passing through your plant and make the data accessible in the dashboard.

ACT now
Three steps

Become plastic neutral

Our team will guide you through the process of becoming plastic neutral.

1: Plastic Footprint Audit

Our team of experts provides a comprehensive analysis of plastic emissions.

2: Reduce Plastic Footprint

Define, where in the world you want your plastic to be removed. You can choose a mix between local and international plastic collection.

3: Compensate

We start collecting the plastic and certify your commitment.

4: Certification

We certify your commitment.

Get Started

Your Journey with us

The key steps for boosting your plant with UpCircle.

Process Audit

The process begins understanding your company's existing process. We look into your needs and current pain points you experience. This will help you understand where changes are needed, and where your focused attention brings the greatest impact.

Waste Analytics Development

We retrofit our waste analytics solution into your waste processing facility. Completely worry free! Our experienced team gets this done without affecting your existing operations.

Profit from Insights

Improve processing throughput and reduce costs using our custom-made technology solutions trained using the latest technology in Reinforcement Learning.

Expand and Grow

The UpCircle team is there to help you grow into any segment of the waste processing industry. With our future-proof technology, and leading edge research, we will support you as you grow your operations.

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Projects and Partnerships

Stay up to date with the latest developments for a plastic free nature
Passugger - Nachhaltigkeit III - Wie weiter mit dem Plastic Credit?

Wir berichten über die weiteren Geschehnisse in unserer Zusammenarbeit mit Passugger rund um den Plastic Credit

Successful recovery of 6000kg of ocean-bound waste

Allegra | Passugger and Swisscom enable the transparent collection of ocean-bound waste, verified by UpCircle.

Allegra Passugger Partnership

Allegra|Passugger joins the UpCircle network of responsible plastic recoverers

Latest Updates

Every kilogram counts

More recovery, more recycling, a cleaner future. That simple.
One-Time Action
CHF 2.00 / kg

of recoverd plastic

Perfect for your event or personal plastic compensation

Certification badge guaranteeing your impact
  • Certificate verifying your impact
  • Fully traceable and verified item list
  • Basic storytelling package
  • Email support
Most Popular
Annual Compensation
CHF 2.00 / kg

of recovered plastic

Stand out. Compensate your use of plastic from business activities.

Everything in one-time, plus..
  • Impact tracker for website
  • Advanced traceable and verified item list
  • 1:1 onboarding session
Custom Plan
Get a tailored recovery plan

Demonstrate your commitment to climate action today.

Everything in annual, plus..
  • Counseling and assessment of plastic footprint
  • Support for reaching your CSR/ESG targets

The Founders

With years of experience in Robotics, Waste Recovery and Material Science, we strive towards technology solutions that make circularity a reality.
Hendrik Kolvenbach
CEO & Co-Founder
Adrian Ensmenger
COO & Co-Founder
Fidel Esquivel
CTO & Co-Founder

UpCircle in the News

Hear more from our CTO Fidel and our partner project Autonomous River Cleanup how together with our Partner Microsoft for Startups, we help drive towards more sustainable practices. Powered by UpCircle Technology.

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