Unlock the value of your waste with UpCircle AI

UpCircle's AI technology helps collectors, sorters, and recyclers manage baled waste. Don't waste your waste, work with us!

Know your waste. Increase your process and procurement efficiency.

Plant Infeed Monitoring

With UpCircle you get actionable insights regarding what is fed into your plant to increase the process efficiency. Recover more, waste less.  

Full Transparency on Delivered Material

Accurate quality estimation made easy.  Never again overpay for your material. With UpCircle, you get full transparency about the material delivered to you facility.


We analyze waste bales with cutting-edge computer vision technology developed at ETH Zurich.

Understanding your baled waste is crucial to making better business decisions. At UpCircle, we're not just passionate about analytics – we're dedicated to ensuring that you have every piece of data you require from the bales you're handling, whether it's for production, purchase, or processing. Let us help you turn bale information into actionable business strategies.

Waste Bale Identification
We analyze and keep record of every waste bale that passes through your plant. Either through our monitoring installation, or using the UpCircle Bale App, we got you covered.
Digital Shift Reports
You get live and historical data on your plant's performance.
Supplier Vetting and Reclamations
Pay only for what you get. We monitor every bale that goes through your plant and provide you with digital proof for speeding up the reclamation process.
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Unlock the true value of your waste with our intuitive dashboard

Data on every bale passing through your facility, accessible at a glance

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Your Journey with us

The key steps for boosting your plant with UpCircle.

Consultation and Needs Assessment

We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your unique requirements and challenges. This ensures our solution is tailored to your specific baled waste needs.

Technology Integration

Our team seamlessly integrates the UpCircle Vision technology into your existing infrastructure, whether it's a retrofit or a fresh setup. Minimal disruption, maximum capability.

Data Flow, Dashboard Training & Knowledge Transfer

Once integrated, we guide you through our intuitive dashboard. But our system doesn't just provide insights—it learns from them. By incorporating your employees' expert knowledge into our algorithms, we ensure you never experience downtime, mismanaged stock, or material processing errors again. We make certain you are confident in navigating and utilizing the data to maximize results.

Continuous Support and Expansion

Our team’s commitment is long-term. Beyond initial setup, we provide unwavering support and regular technology enhancements. Even further, the longer the system is operational, the better it gets! This commitment guarantees you remain at the forefront of baled waste management, ever ready for new challenges and opportunities.

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Every kilogram counts

More recovery, more recycling, a cleaner future. That simple.

Meet The Team

With years of experience in Waste Analysis, Material Science, Robotics and AI, we strive towards technology solutions that make circularity a reality.
Hendrik Kolvenbach
CEO & Co-Founder
Adrian Ensmenger
COO & Co-Founder
Fidel Esquivel
CTO & Co-Founder
Dario Strübin
Principal ML Engineer & Co-Founder
Paolo Bottoni
AI Engineering Intern
Prof. Dr. Marco Hutter
Advisor & Co-Founder

Our partners

To achieve our bold vision we work with some of the best companies in Switzerland and around the world. Work with us!

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The latest from UpCircle...

Sustainability Projects

UpCircle strives to use technology to fight pollution. Check out our projects enabling the successful recovery of plastic waste from nature using UpCircle technology.
Passugger - Nachhaltigkeit III - Wie weiter mit dem Plastic Credit?

Wir berichten über die weiteren Geschehnisse in unserer Zusammenarbeit mit Passugger rund um den Plastic Credit

Successful recovery of 6000kg of ocean-bound waste

Allegra | Passugger and Swisscom enable the transparent collection of ocean-bound waste, verified by UpCircle.

Allegra Passugger Partnership

Allegra|Passugger joins the UpCircle network of responsible plastic recoverers

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